Istanbul International Exhibition .

Istanbul International Exhibition .


Proudly informing all customers, colleagues, and respected individuals in the food industry sector that Abbaspour Food Industries (Adrin) intends to actively participate in the twentieth edition of the Istanbul International Food, Beverage, Sweets, and Chocolate, Print, and Packaging Fair to be held from 20 to 23 Tir 1403 (10 to 13 July 2024) at the Istanbul International Exhibition Center.

Significance of the Event:

This exhibition, as one of the largest and most reputable business events in the food and packaging industries in the Middle East and Europe region, provides an exceptional opportunity to showcase companies' products and services, establish connections with customers and new business partners, and stay updated with the latest innovations and trends in this industry.

Participation of Abbaspour Food Industries (Adrin):

Abbaspour Food Industries (Adrin), with a brilliant history in producing and offering various high-quality food products, sweets, and chocolates, will be present at this exhibition to showcase its achievements and innovations to the visitors.

Products and Services to be Presented at Abbaspour (Adrin) Booth:

Newly produced products by Adrin Company
Outstanding and top-selling products
Special products with unique and appealing packaging
Complete introduction of Abbaspour Food Industries and Adrin's products on the international stage
Offering special discounts to boost exports and market expansion

Objectives of Participation in the Exhibition:

Introducing the company's brand and products to new customers in domestic and international markets
Developing business relationships with potential partners
Staying informed about the latest innovations and industry trends
Enhancing the company's position in competitive markets

Invitation to Visit:

Abbaspour Food Industries (Adrin) invites all respected individuals in the food industry sector, including manufacturers, distributors, exporters, importers, etc., to visit the company's booth at Hall ..., Booth number ..., and get familiar with the products and services of this company.

More Information:

Date: 20-23 Tir 1403 (10-13 July 2024)

Venue: Istanbul International Exhibition Center

Exhibition Website:

Company Email:

Contact Number: 041-7222


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We hope that with your enthusiastic presence at the Abbaspour Food Industries (Adrin) booth at this exhibition, we will witness constructive exchanges and interactions.


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