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CEO Introduction

Majid Abbaspour - CEO

Abbaspour Industrial Group Adrin, with six decades of determination in the path of customer orientation and protection of consumers ' rights, has taken some steps and customer satisfaction has always been the focus of their development goals in its macro and macro policies.

This industrial unit , backed by the presence of skilled workers and its experience , is always trying to use the update and the first international level of knowledge in the confectionary industry to produce what is worthy of Iranian customer and to respect the customer society through its extensive distribution system .

Adherence to ethical and professional principles in line with customer orientation and constructive interaction with industry stakeholders has caused the more expansion of this unit’s family, which is making the mission and its obligations more burdensome. Hence, it is hoped to be able to answer this level of kindness and support with the help of the Lord and the great and permanent support of the society.

As CEO of the complex, I have taken the responsibility of valuing all the uninterrupted struggle and efforts of elements of Abbaspour industrial group Adrin as the main capital of the organization, and hope to witness great events in order to meet the needs and attentions of our consumer society with the presence of young, conscious, and educated generations along with the experienced team of the organization.

With the hope of happiness and wholesomeness for my compatriots

Majid Abbaspour - CEO

Majid Abbaspour - CEO
Customer orientation missions of the organization

In this regard, we have tried to use the latest technology of the world, with the idea of making and operating the plant development plan, in confectionary industry to produce and supply products with appropriate quality according to the needs of our esteemed consumers as well as their suggestive opinions.

The vision of Abbaspour Industrial Group Adrin
The vision of Abbaspour Industrial Group Adrin

Based on the experience of activities, the products of this industrial group have a very high quality and empirical support. Considering that the orientation and priority of this industrial unit is to produce qualitative and healthy products, this issue of the esteemed consumer society becomes as the priority of the resolutions.

This industrial unit has always focused on the creation of value for its consumer society and has taken steps through the idea of operating mechanisms to improve relations with final customers and to meet their taste requirements and to ensure their health. Hence, the future policy has also been determined based on these issues.

The industrial group, inspired by his brand’s slogan as’’ Adrin, sweet and desirable taste ‘’, tries to have contribution in the increasing share of memories and moments of the consumer society. In this regard, in order to increase the accessibility of the consumer society, this organization has focuses to expand its branches and strengthen its distribution fleet and in conclusion, and along with covering the whole main market of our country, Iran, it will serve as a company in the industry of sweets and chocolate in the service of its supporters and fans by providing distinguished products worthy of Iranian society.


Directorate manager - Mehran Abbaspour

Mission of honoring organization personnel

We always believe that human capital is at the top of the agenda and that any decision without taking into account this essential parameter will not be ended. In this regard, we try to believe in this necessary issue of honoring the personnel in all elements of our organization structure and make some plans, with human resource priority, to realize this goal.

Subjects such as the importance of personnel training , the welfare of the personnel work environment , and paying attention to their livelihood issues during the hard times of the economy are considered as examples of these actions . This issue has led Abbaspour industrial group to be able to support its development policy by the support of an eager and expert team.

Historical background

Abbaspour industrial group is considered as one of the leaders of the industry of sweets and chocolate in the Azerbaijan and Tabriz .this industrial unit is trying to produce its products in flour and sugar categories with the highest quality according to the needs of the consumer society.

Since main principle of the customer orientation is to maintain the quality and consider the ease of availability of the product, the industrial unit is trying to reach its products to its audience with more than 30 active branches at the country level and using its advanced distribution fleet in the short time.

Paying attention to feedback

Manager of Abbaspour industrial group believes that all the elements of the organizational structure of the company must be based on customer orientation .in this regard, this complex is always tries to hear about valuable comments of its product audiences. In this regard, it has created some units to establish a coherent and continuous relationship with its respected and final consumer.

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