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Snacks, or pretzels, are considered as the other type of breads, which are produced in various flavors and shapes .snacks are provided with different flavors like pepper, salt, or vegetables.

This particular dish, both in terms of flavor and appearance, is often attracted by children. Crushing sound of this product under children’s teeth gives them a special pleasure.  The most important advantage of snacks, because it is based on bread, is to be a useful edible dish for both children and adults.

Also, snacks can be a fixed member in designs of the cakes. In some of the designs of cake designers, snacks have added special effects to cakes. This special product is also popular among the youth. Snacks has also a fixed place at the parties such as birthday parties, since the taste of this favorite dish can create good and happy memories.

Adrin Rand Snacks

All of the unique features listed about snacks have led the Abbaspour Industrial Group Adrin to produce and market the Rand snacks in salt, pepper, vegetables flavors, according to the Iranian customer’s tastes. These products, in various weights and also with its special and wonderful flavors, have a stable place among the fans.

Buying Adrin snacks

Abbaspour Industrial Group with the brand name Adrin has made it easy to reach its Adrin snacks for its enthusiasts through the vast network of its branches and logistics in all regions of the country. So that the consumers can choose this distinct product from reputable shops throughout the country.

The bulk purchase of Adrin snacks

Please refer to the contact part to obtain the representative and direct purchase of Adrin snacks and select one of the available conditions (phone calls, personal contact, email, etc.).

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