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Candies have been a part of the culture and customs of different societies. This sweet which is produced from a mixture of sugar with water and some additives and flavors, has opened its place in most people's shopping cart. The great variety in flavor and shape of the candies has caused this product to be suitable for all tastes and ages. Candies can also play a sedative role for patients because they contain benefits such as:

  • Emollient and anti-sputum
  • Reduction in dry coughs
  • Prevention from indigestion
  • Reduction in sore throats
  • And …

Adrin candies

Adrin candies have been able to keep their place in your shopping list by producing a variety of flavors and shapes. One of the distinctive products of Abbaspour Industrial Group is Mini Candy which has a very special acceptance among the public. The Adrin candies, are produced in various flavors of apple, berries, pineapple, orange, energy drink and etc. The great variety in the flavor and packaging of Adrin candies has caused the confusion of sweetness in the choice of the product among enthusiasts and lovers of this delicious product. From this point of view, all the respected representatives of Abbaspour Industrial Group have the basket of Adrin candy products, completely to make final consumers gain its diverse tastes.

Buying Adrin candy

Abbaspour Industrial Group with the brand name Adrin has made it easy to reach its Adrin candy products for its enthusiasts through the vast network of its branches and logistics in all regions of the country. So that the consumers can choose this distinct product from reputable shops throughout the country.

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