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Toffee is an old edible product which dates back to the mid - 19th century and England. The ease of access to the sugar product via the Caribbean Sea has been very effective in the development and production of this wondrous dish. Worldwide popularity of this food product is indebted to its juicy and sweet taste. The Abbaspour Industrial Group Adrin has created good memories among consumers during its seventy - year experience in the confectionary field.

Adrin Toffee

Toffee product under Adrin brand is indebted to the long history of activity of Abbaspour Industrial Group Adrin. The toffee product of this Industrial Group is produced under Adrin brand in simple and center filled forms. Toffee products are produced and marketed in varieties with cocoa cream, coconut cream, caramel cream, fruity, milky, hazelnut, coffee and …. One of the most popular and special products of Adrin is sour toffee. Owing to its special and wonderful flavor and being health-oriented, this product has attracted a lot of fans among all segments of the society. The great variety in flavor and packaging of Adrin toffee has created confusion in the choice of the product among enthusiasts and fans of this delicious product. So, all of the respected deputies of Abbaspour Industrial Group Adrin have the basket of toffee products, completely, to make the final consumers gain it’s all diverse tastes.

Buying Adrin Toffees

Abbaspour Industrial Group with the brand name Adrin has made it easy to reach its Adrin toffees for its enthusiasts through the vast network of its branches and logistics in all regions of the country. So that the consumers can choose this distinct product from reputable shops throughout the country.

The bulk purchase of Adrin Toffees

Please refer to the contact part to obtain the representative and direct purchase of Adrin snacks and select one of the available conditions (phone calls, personal contact, email, etc.).

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